Curriculum Vitae


Studies at university
2003 – 2007 Master´s degree in social science
University of Tampere
Major studies: Social work, grade 5 (excellent, 5/5).
Minor studies:
Teacher´s pedagogical studies, 39 credits
Journalism, 15 credits
Special pedagogy, 7 credits
Other university studies which are not included to Master´s degree:
Yout work and youth research, 35 credits
International politics, 35 credits
Political science, 15 credits
Political economy, 6 ECTS credits
Basics of public law, 3 ECTS credits

25.2-27.4.2010 The tutor training, 4o ECTS credits
Jyväskylä University of applied sciences 

15.9.2008-autumn 2009 Basics of Health information, studying online, 25 ECTS credits
Jyväskylän, Kuopion ja Oulun yliopistojen yhteistyönä

24.10.2008-8.6.2009 Student counselor in the social field training, 10 ECTS credits
SosUnipol/Utopia -project, University of Tampere and Tampere University of applied sciences 

18.4. 2008-13.5.2009 Tampere region´s adult social work studies, 8 ECTS credits seudun Tampere region´s development project AKSELI and University of Turku

Other studiesMuu koulutus
1998 Practical nurse, Vocational Qualification in Social and Health Care, 100 credits
Last year´s studeis : The care and education of children and youth
Vocational healtcare institute of Tampere

6.1.1999- 15.5.2000 Global Action training, Operation Mobilisation

1999 Puppetseminar, how to communicate internationally
Teri Drake

2000 Leadership training “Intensive Training”
Operation Mobilisation

2002 Hygiene passport

30.11.2001- 21.4.2002 Missionary pre-training, Suomen Lähetysseura

15.5 – 27.6.2006 Business class
Yritysura Ky

Autumn 2006 UN´s milleniums development goals, 3 seminar weekends

29.3 – 10.5 2007 Strategic thinking and planning class, City of Tampere

8-9.10.2008 JUKO ry steward training, class 1

11-12.3.2009 JUKO ry steward training, class 2
English: Laudable
Swedish: Sufficient

Working experience:

1.1.2014- Current Teacher of Social and healthcare
starting at 1.12.2014 Coordinating of curriculum in Social and healthcare
Tampere vocational college TREDU

1.8.2012-31.12.2013 Project manager, Tampere vocational college TREDU
– Nappiparisto – Development project of learning environments, 1.8.2012-30.10.2013, Board of education
– Nationwide coordination project of the expansion of on the job learning, 1.1.2010-7.4.2014, Board of education
– WBL guide for the education providers 1.8.2012-31.12.2013, Board of education
– Internet based WBL guide 10.6.2013-31.12.2013, Board of education


1.8.2009-31.12.2012 Teacher of social and healthcare and project manager
– Ammattipeda -website of pedagogical approaches, individual study paths 1.8-31.12.2012
– Pirkanmaa regions sotereppu -project 1.8.2009 – 31.5.2010 member of the project
– Noba2, Nornic international seminar, financed by Nordic Council of Ministers, spring 2010
Pirkanmaan koulutuskonserni-kuntayhtymä

1.3.2008- 31.7.2009 Social worker, adult´s social work Sosiaalityöntekijän virassa, aikuissosiaalityössä
– Developing substance abuse services
– Contanct person to the coynty of substance abuse prevention
– Contact person to Prosecutor’s Office, Probation and mediation office
City of Kangasala



Running own business, FACE training center

1.9.2006-31.1.2008, Educational services

1.3.2014-  Publiching

– Cimson Oy (Adult training for unemployed starting at 1.9.2006)
– Eximia Oy (teacher of training cource of social work, being a teacher in Hyvinkää Riihimäki vocational school for practical nurse students, and department secretary students of Amiedu)

1.9.2007- 31.1.2008 Adult training for unemployed
 Cimson Oy (emplyeed)

30.8.2007 – 9.6.2008 Teacher
Nursing, Primary care, , ensihoidon and physiotherapy
Pirkanmaa University of applied sciences 
19.6 – 28.7.2006, 31.7 – 4.8.2006 Social worker in child projection

Western socialstation, City of Tampere  

16 – 22.8.2006 Social worker
Hatanpää socialstation, City of Tampere 


Spring 2006 Teacher in training class for social work studies and writing 40 pages of theory
Eximia Oy

20.6 – 28.8.2005 Social worker
Tammela socialstation, City of Tampere

23.3.2004 – 12.5.2005 Schools social worker´s substitute
Tampereen Normaalikoulu

Summers 2002, 2003, 2004 Managing Operation road- project
(Group of 7- youth)

1.12.2002-3.1.2004 Substitutin practilal nurses
 Elderyhome of Koukkuniemi

3.9.2001- 2009 Support person in child projection
City of Tampere

1.8.2001- 15.11.2002 Practical nurse, depute director (making shifts)
English Daycare Sunshine Oy

20.11.2000- 8.4.2001 Practical nurse in eldery home
 Tuulikkikoti Oy

2000 – training presentational skills in different events



2016 Renewable teacher hood and individual study paths. FACE training center

2016 At the gates of the soul -dew drops on the skin. FACE training center

2014 Sielun porteilla – kastepisarvoita iholla. FACE training center

2012 Workers ABC. Knowledge of society, business and working life. Edita

2012 eProfessional growth and guidance in healthcare.  SanomaPro

2011 Practical nurse in society. Edita.

2006 ”For creativety from recession. Power of prayer in 19990″, book You can see afar from hillock. Suomen Lähetysseura ry.

1997 Poets in the book called Confession child. Gummerus.

Honorary offices

29.6.2016- Member of pre-conditioning board of Social and healthcare- and  county reform

1.9.2012 – 2015 Member of the national Advisory Council for Youth Affairs (Nuora)

1.1.2013 – Member of board of social and healtcare services in the city of Tampere

1.12.2010 – 31.12.2012 Chairman of the board of social and healtcare services in the city of Tampere

1.8.2008 – 31.7.2009 JUKO ry debute steward, City of Kangasala

2007 – 2009 Member of board of Pikassos Oy
(2008-2009 vice chairman)
Representative of Tampere city

2009 – 2011 Debuty steward of Pikassos Oy
Representative of Tampere city

2007 – 2008 Debute steward of the board of impatient, City of Tampere

1.10 .2006- 28.2.2009 Court Juror of Tampere District
2011 Negotiator in government negotiations, Christian democrats

1.1. 2011- 2012, 2016- Vice chairman of Christian democrats of Pirkanmaa

2010 Secretary of Christian democrats in Tampere

1.1 – 31.12.2007 Executive director of Christian democrats in Pirkanmaa

1.1-21.11.2007 Secretary of council group of Christian democrats in Tampere

2006 – 2007 Chairman of local Christian democrats youth in Tampere

2007 Member of board of Christian democrats in Tampere

1.3. 2006 – 28.11.2007 Member of steering group of Teachers on the job learning. Representative of AKAVA Pirkanmaa

2006 Vice Chairman of Christian democrats in Finland
– Member of party government of Christian democrats
– Attending to ASEM6 -konference

1.1 – 30.4 2006 Part time head of organisation of Christian democrats youth

2005 – 2006 Secretary of regional committee of AKAVA Pirkanmaa
– Taking care of public relations
– Organizing seminar in Tampere University “Running the business in the future”,
– Attending and representin AKAVA in local meetings  with STTK and SAK

2004 – 2005 Member of board of students of social science, Talentia, in charge of international affairs
– Representing students of social science in Finland in seminar “Social work 2005 ”, Cyprus

Autumn 2005 Member of board of journalism of Talentia

2005 Chairman of Pilke ry, Christian students in university of Tampere

2004 – 2005 Member of board of Global social work

Other things I have done:

2014 Manuscript and direction of the play Man´s journey, Theather of Birgit
1998 – Mime performances in events all around Finland

1998- Being a speacer in different events and seminars
2000 Baing part of puppet show team 

International experienceKansainvälinen kokemus

Travelled in over 40 countriesDecember 2004 – January 20015– evaluating Tampere university´s development cooperation project in Thar desert, India. Financed by state department

Spring 2004 Organizing  study tour to St Petersburg for the students of Social science
6.1.1999 – 15.5.2000 Mission,- and developmen cooperation work
(Australia, New Zealand and countries in Asia
MV Doulos
Acting in international nights
Writer in magazine  Cherry Red
Computing skills
Word, Open office, Excel, Tixel, Effica, Moodle, Kurre, Primus, Wilma, wiki -pages, Live Meeting, updating internet pages.

Other skills
Education and training

Organizing and leading

Project management

Using different learning environments

Knowledge of different cultures and living conditions in different countries

Organizational skills and skills in congress and negotiate

Licence B



Painting with oil-colours

Hiking and spending time in nature