At the gates of the soul – dew drops on the skin

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Meet Socrates, Hamlet and wilderness of Lapland! Find the source and find yourself.

“The path was no longer just a path which is passing in one direction but now it allowed the water to flow over. It was like the subconscious would have found its way into the feelings, creating its own marks for the complex system of thoughts, giving meaning to things. This well-known path had to open up to pass through this day, into the future.”

Stories have the power to change our lives. A well told tale can teach us new ways of relating to others, bring deeper understanding to ourselves, and even liberate us from the mental chains that bind us. They can enrich our lives, shape the way we perceive and interact with the world, and reveal the wonders of the human spirit. Through the science of psychology and the imaginative art of creative writing, Sirpa Pursiainen presents the intertwining stories of a family whose time is ripe for transformation. Richly symbolic, the text presents the internal landscape of each person, husband, wife, and son, as they struggle with the legacy of their past and seek to release the toxic ways they relate to one another. As you follow the travails of each character as they struggle, learn, and grow, you may be heartened in your own ability to turn crisis into blessing, transforming your own adversity into peace and joy.

Pursiainen is Finnish writer. She has received a scholarship from The Finnish Association of Non-fiction Writers to write this book in Finnish. Pursiainen has a Masters degree in Social Science. She is working now as teacher, teaching social science. Along with teaching she runs own business. Pursiainen has written books about social welfare and laws concerning the Nordic welfare system. Other book´s topic is how to start up business and what are the needed skills in working life. Latest book is about innovative teaching and how to lead education and school with pedagogical leadership. Pursiainen was negotiator in government negotiations in national level in 2011. Pursiainen has travelled in over 40 countries and she has heard thousands of stories from the hearths of the poor and the rich ones. In Finland there is also written drama based on this book and songs composed on the basis of her poems.