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I am Finnish writer and teacher. I have master´s degree in social science.

I was born in 1979 in Orivesi. Writing has been always important for me and I started writing already when I was child.

Firs published poems I wrote in the age of 15. My first fictional book is At the gates of the soul -dew drops on the skin. In the future I dream about writing meaningful books for readers worldwide.

Before writing a book At the gates of the soul -dew drops on the skin, I have written textbooks called Assistant nurse in society and Professionals ABC. I have done eStudy materials for both textbooks and also eStudy material called growth and guidance in nursing.

I have travelled a lot, visited in over 40 countries. I have been able to experience a lot during my life. In young age I was walking abroad and being part of organizing peace negotiation in Bougainville Island where they had civil war for 10 years. During my trips I saw a lot, princess of Thailand, prisoners and also the poorest of all. Even the stories of pirates are not unfamiliar for me.

In working life I have met many people with their stories. I have worked as business woman, social worker, teacher, assistant nurse. I have been always interested of social science and what happens in society. I was one of the negotiators in government negotiations in Finland 2011.

On my free time I wonder in nature, take photos, paint with oil colors. During the winter I love cross-country skiing an swimming in the ice-hole.

I would say that I am quite creative and enterprising. I see so much of possibilities and beauty around me each day.